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Custom Bathroom Vanities in Burnaby, BC

The bathroom is the place where you start and end your day, preparing for work or unwinding before bed. That’s why we believe it should be a restful and beautiful space, helping you get in the right mindset for the day or night.

Adding a custom vanity to your bathroom is a great way to take advantage of the space available and provide a beautiful, organized place to get ready. Our team at Custom Craft Cabinets & Millwork in Burnaby, BC, can help design and build a custom bathroom vanity that will hold all of your cosmetics and other products, resist stains, and contribute a centering, grounding element to your bathroom.

Types of vanities and bathroom countertops

When crafting a custom bathroom vanity, there are many factors to consider. Are you interested in a more elegant or natural look for your bathroom? How much do you hope to store in your bathroom vanity? Are there awkward spaces that need to be taken into consideration? And what is your budget for the project?

Our team can help you consider all of these factors and more. We can build custom notched drawer boxes to fit around pipes under your sink or cut custom countertop materials to fit into unique bathroom spaces. Some common types of vanities include:

  • Free standing vanity: These vanities appear more or less like a dresser or cabinet with legs, holding one or two sinks in the top but otherwise unconnected to the wall.
  • Wall mounted or floating vanity: These vanities are mounted directly onto the wall, removing the need for legs and potentially working better in small spaces.
  • Under-mounted sink vanity: In this vanity, the sink basin is built into the top, providing a smooth, sleek look.
  • Vessel vanity: In contrast to the under-mounted sink, the vessel vanity places the sink basin on top of the counter, like a bowl set on top of the counter.

In addition to selecting the style of bathroom vanity you’re interested in, you’ll need to consider which type of countertop material is right for your bathroom. Some of the most common bathroom countertop materials include:

  • Granite or marble: These beautiful materials give your bathroom an elegant, luxurious appearance, delivering a surface that easily holds up to water and heat.
  • Quartz: Quartz countertops are made up of crushed quartz and a small amount of resin, providing a wide range of color options and holding up well under high heat.
  • Laminate: One of the most affordable countertop options, laminate is very versatile and holds up well to water. It doesn’t withstand high heat, however, so you shouldn’t set curling irons or other hot materials directly on it.

Whichever type of bathroom vanity you’re interested in, our team at Custom Craft Cabinets & Millwork will provide high quality customer service and craftsmanship throughout the process, from design all the way to installation.

Call us at (604) 435 2422 today to get started!